Tutu and the Vehicles
is a cardboard book for the smallest children, in which Tutu sets off on a crazy chase. Every page he switches from vehicle to vehicle, and every page he meets amazing adventures.

🏆 Book received a Special Mention at the 2024 BolognaRagazzi Award in the Toddlers category.
Złapię cię! Tutu i pojazdy
to kartonikowa książka dla najmłodszych, w której Tutu rusza w zwariowany pościg. Co stronę przesiada się z pojazdu na pojazd i co stronę spotykają go niesamowite przygody.
Książka otrzymała specjalne wyróżnienie w konkursie BolognaRagazzi Award 2024 w kategorii Toddlers.
Within the pages of this hefty miniature tome, you and Tutu will hop aboard more than twenty different vehicles ― must-have items such as an excavator, a tractor or a fire engine, but also more niche ones such as a hang glider, a dog sled or a combine harvester. Along with Tutu you'll also meet a number of supporting characters, including a fearless mouse, a flying rhinoceros, a foreman mole and a pyromaniac fox. 
You'll have to find out for yourself how this chase ends!
Na stronach tego opasłego miniaturowego tomiszcza wskoczycie razem z Tutu do ponad dwudziestu rozmaitych pojazdów – są pozycje obowiązkowe takie jak koparka, traktor czy wóz strażacki, ale i bardziej niszowe jak lotnia, psi zaprzęg czy kombajn. Razem z Tutu spotkacie również kilku bohaterów drugoplanowych – między innymi nieustraszoną mysz, latającego nosorożca, majstra kreta czy liska piromana. 
O tym jak skończy się ten pościg, musicie oczywiście przekonać się sami!
The jury of BolognaRagazzi Award said:

This adorable, small/medium format book showcases magnificent graphic, chromatic, and figurative craftsmanship. Piotr Karski’s board book takes very young children on a fast-paced, action-packed adventure in which Tutu excitedly travels on over twenty modes of transport, from a scooter to a rocket, including a beloved helicopter, excavator, train, and of course, a tractor. Flat colours, bold lines, and narrative dynamism convey a character who is always ready to leap, roll, fall, or fly, along with small animals and objects that accompany him on these unpredictable and fun pages packed with huge narrative energy. The book is an example of editorial excellence and successful design for children. Beautifully bound, meticulous and brilliant in every sense, as an object it is built to last a thousand re-reads.
🇵🇱 polish edition
Wydawnictwo Dwie Siostry
🇺🇸 english edition (USA)
Union Square & Co.
🇬🇧 english edition (UK)
Boxer Books Limited
🇩🇪 german edition
🇷🇴 romanian edition

54 pages
format: 127 × 150 mm
cardboard book
A video of a trip to the printing house.
Film z wycieczki do drukarni.

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